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Launceston Cornwall

Launceston Movies & Videos

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Launceston - Cornwall
Going around a few local points of historical interest, without going into too much detail. I plan on dedicating a future video solely on the castle so I've only ...
by: Saddlebags 73
Explore LAUNCESTON - Tasmania
In this video we present the first part of our trip to Tasmania. We started in Launceston and drove around the island in counter-clockwise fashion, over a period of ...
by: JustRobin
Launceston town walk - what spooks our dog in Launceston Castle?
In our video we follow a short town walk around Launceston, on the Cornwall/Devon border. Launceston is steeped in history with many old buildings including ...
by: Cornish Walking Trails
Tony Robinson's Time Walks | S2E2 | Launceston
LAUNCESTON The northern Tasmanian town of Launceston was once a colonial powerhouse, home to explorers, farmers, businessmen and entrepreneurs.
by: Tony Robinson's Time Travels
Launceston Town Centre. Launceston Cornwall England
Discover more about Launceston, what to see and do when you visit. The town, often described as a gem is high on the 'to-do' list for many visitors to the county.
by: Launceston Town
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